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New Urban International (NUI) is a philanthropic real estate investment and asset management company based in Miami, Florida. NUI seeks to invest in hospitality operations and commercial real estate assets on behalf of itself, individuals, families, trusts, institutions as well as public and private funds whereby a large portion of proceeds are reinvested back into the community. For decades, NUI's principals have developed, invested in, transacted, managed and leased over $280 million of institutional quality real estate assets throughout South Florida. Presently, NUI is focused on acquiring quality cash-flowing assets and developing affordable and attainable single-family homes throughout Miami-Dade and Broward County.






The investments & acquisitions team develops deal-critical insights to create competitive value enhancements specific to the investment and investor characteristics.  We identify key sources, develop relevant analyses and devise actionable applications of non-traditional data sources that can be leveraged in real estate investment decisions and operations.


The NUI asset management team has held various investment and asset management roles with over $20 million currently under management throughout Miami Florida. Along with direct real estate investing, they have acquired, managed and advised that of institutional and private investors alike. Our goal is to maximize property value utilizing all available ethical techniques. 


The NUI brokerage team has structured hundreds of millions in leasing and sales transactions throughout the U.S. eastern seaboard. Our teams provide a unique real estate perspective as we've been both occupiers and owners. Structuring the right deal for our clients is a critical pillar in our company values.


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