Building with a Purpose

New Urban Homes specialize in the construction of single-family affordable and attainable homes throughout South Florida. Our team utilizes the latest construction techniques to build modern, efficient, and comfortable homes as part of the housing solution.

Famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright dreamed of designing affordable homes on a massive scale for the American low and middle income areas. The Usonian house was created in the early 1900’s as a solution however gained very little traction. Wright believed in the moral values exemplified by owning a home and believed that well-designed, tasteful dwellings would produce a happier, more harmonious and enlightened society.

We believe the same and our Usonian Collection embodies that spirit. Our four models range from 2/2’s to 4/3’s and can be built in as little as three months. All products utilize the latest energy efficiencies, modern design, and up to date technology integrations. Most importantly, it's accessible to all.


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