The New Urban Initiative is a real estate non-profit organization that acquires cash-flowing commercial real estate properties and then redistributes profits back into the community. The Initiative aims to establish a new business model and brand whereby a large portion of net profits are invested into the community creating measurable changes in food and housing insecurities, education, and special needs programs.



The New Urban Initiative was created by husband and wife community organizers Mario and Ilanit Abati who, after years of volunteer work, recognized much more was needed to help communities long term and that business should take a more leading role. The initiative raises capital through donations, grants, crowdfunding, and other financial instruments for strategic commercial real estate assets. Individual projects are asset managed by its for-profit subsidiary, New Urban International, and local chapters of the Initiative are established in every market made up of community members.

Our ultimate goal is to acquire and maintain 10 properties throughout the top 50 US markets with an estimated $4M in annual contributions to local markets. Miami Florida is the first Initiative with stabilization expected in 2022. Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Atlanta, and Nashville will be the subsequent markets thereafter.

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Tel: 305-788-0140